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I did this as in 2015 but I did it again in 2016 including more characters for comments that my friends made in the image when I published it xD

Left to right:
Ryu with shoes
Red Ryu
Ryu super saiyan
Orange Ryu
Ryu robot
Ryu ninja
Medieval Ryu

2nd line:
Ryu Hulk
Pinky Ryu
Ryu little woman
Ryu slut (this is for Saigado comics)
Ryu terminator
Red Ryu robot
Ryu sued (this is because of the demand that Capcom made against Data East) 
Ryu chewing gum pump

3rd line:
Ryu future post-apocalyptic (shin mr karate)
Ryu grandpa
Ryu without powers
Chinese Ryu
Ryu vampire
Red Ryu succulent slut
Ryu death metal
Ryu alienigena

PD: I forgot "Wooden Sword" Ryu XD 
Hey I saw you on TV last night - DmC Dante
I did this before Lady's version, I was watching a movie called Warm Bodies and sometimes that zombie looks to me as the DmC's dante lol
Dante Collection
I did this in 2015 just for fun, I have another pic but with Ryu XD anyway I will try to translate some names:
From left to right:
Dante sterilized (cuz he is boring)
Young Dante 
Blue Dante 
Dante power fap ( I don't know how translate that XD )
Dante wachiturro (untranslatable XDD)
Dante the dark ages 
Ultra gay Dante
Dante poet

Second line:
Old Dante
Dante Sold (This cuz he was being used to promote DIESEL xD )
Chibi Dante Kawaii
Purple Dante
Dante without powers (yeah right XD)
Blue gay Dante
Dante cowboy
Dante manimal (for the Old tv series)
Dante Granny
I only have enough time for me... >__>


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My opinion on AngelTrish got a whole lot worse now that I recently found out that she blatantly plagiarizes two of your Dante X Lady explicit mature renders. She didn't even bother to thank you as they are clearly used the same poses iwth barely any difference to them.

Like in the wild wild west

DMC6 Lord x Lady (+18) Jackpot 888

Dam. They really do hate Lady X Dante being together. How pathetic can they get?

Sorry WhiteLadyMary but both Trish and Dante love Lady. Deal with it.
Oh yeah and finally this one before I completely forget this one here Sex Shop Dante x Trish Jackpot 222
RyuAensland Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017
I can't see it cuz that person blocked me. Anyway I think that's better cuz I don't like so much their pictures xD
I really utterly despise how the new reporting system ties into the brand new blocking update. Before you could easily report a troublemaker even if s/he blocked you or vice versa. Now these days forget about it. If you wish to report someone that you blocked or s/he has blocked you, you have to not sign in to your account,open another tab, from that one sign in there without closing the previous one and refresh the other tab with the intended thing you want to report. It's an unnecessary extra couple of steps when the previous method was so much easier. 

I am not surprised one bit. She doesn't want you to know that she did that. Too bad for her. 
I already exposed her for everyone to see. Which is a damn shame because beforehand she had absolutely no problem with coming up with her own stuff.

But whatever it seems that group corrupted her.
RyuAensland Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
I have never had problems with that person so I really do not know why blocked me but whatever... I'm not going to waste my time on that.
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John-Wesker Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fave by 1johnwesker  
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Hey! Muchas gracias por los favoritos, es muy apreciado. :happybounce: 
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